Arthur M. Sackler M. D.

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1. The effects of histamine biochemotherapy on 11 non-hospitalized schizophrenics are presented in a preliminary report, and the findings and endocrine interrelationships are analyzed from a physiodynamic viewpoint involving endocrine interrelationships. 2. In this study, histamine has been observed to reduce both tolerance and craving. 3. ACH, ACTH and(More)
In a series of previous communications, the following aspects of the role of histamine in psychiatry have received extensive discussion : 1. The possi~bility of histamine liberation in tissues by the passage of an electric current of the intensity used in electric convulsive therapy (ECT). 1 2. The possibility of histamine being a naturally occurring body(More)
The therapeutic procedures currently most favored in psychiatry, particularly in the psychoses, are of rel,~tively recent origin. I t was in 1933 that Saket first re,ported the effectiveness of insulin coma therapy in schizophrenia. In 1934, Meduna introduced camphor and metrazol convulsive therapy; in 1935, Moniz performed the first lobotomy; and in !938,(More)
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