Arthur M LaVere

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  • A M LaVere
  • 1993
An attempt was made to determine the relative retention of each of the four most commonly used clasp assemblies. They are the rest, proximal plate, I bar (RPI); rest, proximal plate, facial circumferential arm (RPA); modified T; and Akers (facial and lingual circumferential arms). A mandibular bilateral distal extension base removable partial denture design(More)
A project was devised by the removable prosthodontic faculty to determine clinically if there is a correlation between the length and width of the maxillary central incisor on a cast and the length and width of the face. A millimeter gauge was used to measure the lengths and widths of the maxillary incisor on a cast. The Trubyte tooth indicator was selected(More)
This is the second part of a project conducted by the Removable Prosthodontic Faculty to compare the length and width of the maxillary central incisor with the length and width of the face. In this article, gender of the students was the main consideration. Three hundred fifty men and 138 women students participated in the project.
The procedure described for survey and design of diagnostic casts is applicable to either dental arch. It is presented in a sequential manner, is not complex, and will produce uniformly acceptable results. The following steps should be followed: (1) locate a path by tilting the cast; (2) mark the survey lines and tripod the cast; (3) outline the rest and(More)
This project, conducted by the Removable Prosthodontic faculty, compared the mesiodistal widths of the six maxillary anterior teeth with the widths of denture teeth from six different denture tooth manufacturers. Four hundred eighty-eight casts of dental students were measured from the distal aspect of each canine across the facial surfaces of the six(More)