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The digital economy is creating abundant opportunities for operations research (OR) applications. Several factions of the profession are beginning to respond aggressively, leading to notable successes in such areas as financial services, electronic markets, network infrastructure, packaged OR-software tools, supply-chain management, and travel-related(More)
This paper synthesizes the Balasian implicit enumeration approach to integer linear programming with the approach typified by LAND AND DOIG and by ROY, BEBTIER, AND NGHIEM. The synthesis results from the use of an imbedded linear program to compute surrogate constraints that are as 'strong' as possible in a sense slightly different from that originally used(More)
This paper examines in some detail the concept of an integrated modeling system. It distinguishes three main types of integration: model integration, solver integration, and integration of various utilities. Model integration is further divided into four subtypes based on a four-level model abstraction hierarchy: specific models, model classes, modeling(More)
Using optimization to design distribution systems became technically feasible a little more than two decades ago, and developments have occurred at a rapid rate ever since. These developments can be understood in terms of six evolutionary processes. Four are core: evolution of algorithms, data development tools, model features and software capabilities, and(More)