Arthur Lopes

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UNLABELLED Controversial data suggest that patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus have an increased risk of fractures despite having, in some studies, higher bone mineral density. METHODS The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of osteoporosis and morphometric vertebral fractures in 148 postmenopausal diabetic women, aged 61.87±7.85 years,(More)
We report a case of intestinal involvement of Paracoccidioidomycosis, in a patient considered to have colonic cancer. The diagnosis of this mycosis should be considered when an abdominal mass associated with intra-lesional calcifications on X-ray is observed. CT scans increase the findings.
BACKGROUND Biliary tract cancer is an uncommon cancer with a poor outcome. We assembled data from the National Cancer Research Institute (UK) ABC-02 study and 10 international studies to determine prognostic outcome characteristics for patients with advanced disease. METHODS Multivariable analyses of the final dataset from the ABC-02 study were carried(More)
The authors present some clinical applications of the concept of flap prefabrication. Three cases are described where reconstructions around the head and neck were accomplished. The radial vascular territory of the forearm was selected for prefabrication of structures which were then transferred by microsurgical techniques. In two cases, a sensate flap was(More)
Pulmonary metastases are among the most common sites for the spread of cancer, particularly with mesenchymal tumors. Despite improvements in cancer therapy, the prognosis remains poor, except for the highly selective group of patients who are considered eligible for surgical treatment and those with chemosensitive tumors. The main objective of this study(More)
Torsade de pointes may occur as a complication of amiodarone therapy. We report a patient receiving amiodarone who was resuscitated from cardiovascular collapse and documented ventricular fibrillation. At subsequent electrophysiology study, while the patient was taking amiodarone therapy, monophasic action potentials with early after depolarisations were(More)
INTRODUCTION Over the past decade, several advances have been made in the management of tachycardias by pacing techniques, but limited data are available on the long-term outcome of patients treated with antitachycardia pacemakers. PATIENTS AND METHODS An antitachycardia pacemaker, the Intermedics Intertach, was implanted in 22 (17 female) patients with(More)