Arthur Laporta

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We present details of the design, construction, and testing of a single-beam optical tweezers apparatus capable of measuring and exerting torque, as well as force, on microfabricated, optically anisotropic particles (an "optical torque wrench"). The control of angular orientation is achieved by rotating the linear polarization of a trapping laser with an(More)
The detection of individual action potentials in nerve cells via intrinsic optical signals could open a new modality for the analysis of cellular properties in spatially extended cells and emergent properties in networks of neurons. Here we review the experimental evidence for the detection of changes in intrinsic optical properties, i.e., changes in(More)
Individual action potentials in axons can be detected in vitro using intrinsic optical signals. The principles of this detection technique are described here. The technique has been demonstrated using neuronal axons dissected from lobster. It would also be applicable to axons and active dendrites of cultured neurons with diameters somewhat larger than an(More)
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