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A standard nomenclature that concisely describes any disaster is currently lacking. This article describes a model taxonomy system. Instead of the term "disaster," a root word "PICE," "potential injury-creating event," is used. Descriptive modifiers to account for all possible scenarios surround this root word, as illustrated. [table: see text] A modifier(More)
The major difference between the 1983 and 1984 conferences was the increased participation of EMS-system administrators in the latter program. Although there was refinement by the conferees of the previous positions, the focus of the 1984 conference moved away from purely medical issues and towards concerns about cost/benefit analysis, organization, and(More)
iii Acknowledgements I would like to first express my deepest gratitude and sincerest appreciation to my advisor and mentor, Dr. Cory Berkland. Without his patience, understanding, guidance, and support, my time at KU would have gone very differently. He empowered me to approach challenges and analyze them critically; to take charge of my life and direct my(More)