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OBJECTIVES Human and animal studies provided controversial data on asymmetric cortical representation of cardiac function, which may partially be due to different study designs and inter-individual variability. Here, we investigated whether seizure-related changes in heart rate (HR) and cardiac repolarization depend on the side of seizure-activity in people(More)
This paper highlights the interrelationship of research completed by a team of investigators and presented in the several individual papers comprising this Special Section on the Office of Naval Research Sponsored Sea Ice Electromagnetic Accelerated Research Initiative. The objectives of the initiative were to: understand the mechanisms and processes that(More)
Retrieval of the bianisotropic metamaterial The retrieval methods to compute the effective permittivity and permeability of metamaterials published so far deal with isotropic permittivity and permeability. However, it is known already that the metamaterials are intrinsically anisotropic because of the orientations of the rings and rods in space, and that(More)
The objective of this research is to develop an electromagnetic model for analyzing complex media and multifunctional radio frequency (RF) systems. The emphasis of this project is to use available analytical techniques to complement the complex numerical simulations which are often called for in these large-scale electromagnetic analyses problems. An FDTD(More)
Study and characterization of left-handed metamaterials Many of the basic properties of left-handed (LH) media are in constrast to those typically encountered in right-handed media. For example, using a rigourous plane wave analysis of propagation and transmission into a dispersive LH medium from a RH medium, we show that power refracts at a negative angle,(More)
Unte r den ~tiologischen Momenten des Ekzems l inden wir bei F. Hebra die Vererbung gar n ight erw~hn~, w~hrend Darier und Brocq s i t un t e r die pr~disponierenden Momente einreihen. Kreibich b e m e r k t dazu, ,,eine b e s o n d e r e Bedeu tung ffir die Ekzemato log ie h a t Brocq der sog. ar thr i~ischeu Pred i spos i t ion beigelegt, d. h. die Bere i(More)
—Inverse scattering algorithms for reconstructing the physical properties of sea ice from scattered electromagnetic field data are presented. The development of these algorithms has advanced the theory of remote sensing, particularly in the microwave region, and has the potential to form the basis for a new generation of techniques for recovering sea ice(More)