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Several methods for measuring the self-reported benefit and satisfaction provided by a hearing aid were compared by administering all methods to each of 98 subjects. Significant correlations between many of the measures and reasonably high test-retest correlations for two of the measures administered twice suggest that most of the measures provide valid(More)
Three hundred forty-one needle aspiration biopsies (NAB) of major salivary gland tumors were performed over a 32-year period. Eighty percent of tumors were benign, and 20% were malignant. Preoperative NAB findings were compared with pathologic diagnosis of the surgically resected specimen in all cases. Forty-six of 63 aspirates from malignant tumors were(More)
Findings in our series of patients and a review of the literature seem to suggest that metastatic cancer to the thyroid is much more common that is clinically evident. The clinical presentation of an asymptomatic mass, normal thyroid functions, and a cold nodule on thyroid scan can occur months to years after treatment of a primary cancer and thus often(More)
AIMS to investigate whether differences in the glucose-insulin axis are present at birth in neonates from ethnic groups at high risk of diabetes. METHODS fructosamine samples were taken from Maori, European and Pacific Island expectant mothers at their 28 week appointment at the public outpatients clinic at National Women's Hospital, Auckland. Umbilical(More)
A retrospective review of 118 clinical Stage I melanoma patients, including the re-examination of histologic slides in 57 cases, was performed to define factors important to survival. The majority (76.7%) had excision margins of 30 mm or less (range = 6-85 mm, mean--29.3 mm). The adjusted 5-year survival was 77.3%. Local recurrences within 5 cm of the(More)
Worldwide, one person dies every 40 seconds by suicide, a potentially preventable tragedy. A limiting step in our ability to intervene is the lack of objective, reliable predictors. We have previously provided proof of principle for the use of blood gene expression biomarkers to predict future hospitalizations due to suicidality, in male bipolar disorder(More)
Whether to perform local resection alone (LR) or to combine local resection with ipsilateral radical neck dissection (LR and RND) as primary treatment for carcinoma clinically confined to the tongue is controversial. To compare the outcomes of the two procedures, we reviewed the records of 502 patients treated for carcinoma of the tongue from 1949 to 1974,(More)
Mean 24-hr growth hormone, luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, estradiol, and progesterone concentrations determined preoperatively in 16 women with benign breast masses and 17 patients with breast cancer were similar to those levels found in 25 age- and weight-matched control subjects. Mean 24-hr testosterone levels, however, were(More)
The clinical outcome in 155 patients with papillary or follicular carcinoma of the thyroid gland operated on over a 25-year period demonstrated no difference in survival rates or incidence of recurrent tumor between those treated by total thyroidectomy and those undergoing less than total thyroidectomy. However, the complication rate was statistically(More)