Arthur James Richardson

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The presence of methanogens Methanobacterium arboriphilus, Methanobacterium bryantii, or Methanobrevibacter smithii increased the level of cellulose fermentation by 5 to 10% in cultures of several genera of anaerobic fungi. When Neocallimastix sp. strain L2 was grown in coculture with methanogens the rate of cellulose fermentation also increased relative to(More)
Random clones of 16S ribosomal DNA gene sequences were isolated after PCR amplification with eubacterial primers from total genomic DNA recovered from samples of the colonic lumen, colonic wall, and cecal lumen from a pig. Sequences were also obtained for cultures isolated anaerobically from the same colonic-wall sample. Phylogenetic analysis showed that(More)
OBJECTIVES Selected patients with unresectable colorectal liver metastases (CLM) may be rendered resectable using the two-stage hepatectomy (TSH) approach. This review was conducted with the aim of collating and evaluating published evidence for TSH in patients with initially unresectable CLM. METHODS Searches of the MEDLINE and EMBASE databases were(More)
Endothelial adhesion molecules are directly involved in the localization and migration of leukocytes from the circulation into tissues at sites of inflammation. We have compared the expression of PECAM-1 (CD31), ELAM-1, ICAM-1 (CD54), and VCAM-1 in pretransplant (n = 20) and needle-core biopsies from renal transplants obtained during different clinical(More)
Selected patients with recurrent colorectal liver metastases (CLM) may be resectable by repeat hepatectomy approach. In this review, we aim to collate and evaluate the published evidence for repeat hepatectomy in patients with recurrent CLM. Searches of the Medline and Embase databases were undertaken to identify studies of repeat hepatectomy in patients(More)
Seventy-six patients underwent parathyroidectomy for renal hyperparathyroidism. There were 10 subtotal parathyroidectomies, 49 total parathyroidectomies with implantation of part of one gland as an autograft, nine total parathyroidectomies with no autograft, and eight patients in whom only three parathyroid glands were found. In 34 dialysis patients who(More)
To determine the extent of persisting hyperlipidemia in renal transplant recipients receiving modern maintenance immunosuppressive and antihypertensive therapy we compared plasma levels of total and high-density lipoprotein and triglyceride in 275 renal transplant recipients with stable graft function with age- and sex-matched groups from the local general(More)
Plasma phosphate values were examined in 72 renal transplant patients in a randomised trial of immunosuppression with azathioprine and prednisolone versus cyclosporin alone. From 21 to 77 days after transplantation, in patients with plasma creatinine concentrations of 75-150 mumol/l, mean plasma phosphate was 0.98 (SEM 0.04) mmol/l in cyclosporin-treated(More)
Mycobacterial infections occurred in 11 of 633 (1.7 per cent) recipients of successful renal transplants. There were no cases of tuberculosis in patients receiving chemoprophylaxis, but amongst those who did not receive prophylaxis disease occurred in six of the 27 (22 per cent) high-risk patients. The major cause of morbidity during treatment was renal(More)