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The BioCAT undulator beamline 18ID: a facility for biological non-crystalline diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy at the Advanced Photon Source.
The 18ID undulator beamline of the Biophysics Collaborative Access Team at the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne, IL, USA, is a high-performance instrument designed for, and dedicated to, the study ofExpand
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Low absorption vitreous carbon reactors for operando XAS: a case study on Cu/Zeolites for selective catalytic reduction of NO(x) by NH3.
We describe the use of vitreous carbon as an improved reactor material for an operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) plug-flow reactor. These tubes significantly broaden the operating range forExpand
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Effect of Zn addition on the water-gas shift reaction over supported palladium catalysts
Abstract The effect of Zn addition on the Pd turnover rate (TOR) for the water–gas shift (WGS) reaction was studied on 2 wt% Pd on alumina with Zn content varying from 0 to 19% Zn by weight. Over 85%Expand
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In situ FTIR, EXAFS, and activity studies of the effect of crystallite size on silica-supported Pt oxidation catalysts
Abstract The effect of crystallite size on the activity of silica-supported Pt catalysts during CO oxidation has been investigated by kinetic studies and in situ infrared (IR) and extended X-rayExpand
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An EXAFS study of the co-ordination chemistry of hydrogen hexachloroplatinate(IV). 1. Speciation in aqueous solution
Abstract Hydrogen hexachloroplatinate(IV), also called chloroplatinic acid (CPA), is a strong acid that undergoes rapid and extensive hydrolysis. Extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS)Expand
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Atomic layer deposition overcoating: tuning catalyst selectivity for biomass conversion.
The terraces, edges, and facets of nanoparticles are all active sites for heterogeneous catalysis. These different active sites may cause the formation of various products during the catalyticExpand
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Kinetics, operando FTIR, and controlled atmosphere EXAFS study of the effect of sulfur on Pt-supported catalysts during CO oxidation
The effect of the presence of sulfur on the state of the catalytic surface during oxidation reactions on supported Pt catalysts has been investigated by kinetic studies and operando infrared (IR) andExpand
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Reduction of plutonium(VI) in brine under subsurface conditions
The redox stability of PuO22+ was investigated in brine under subsurface conditions. In simulated brines, when no reducing agent was present, 0.1 mM concentrations of plutonium(VI) were stable asExpand
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Selective hydrodesulfurization of FCC naphtha with supported MoS2 catalysts : The role of cobalt
The catalytic activity and selectivity for hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and olefin hydrogenation of FCC naphtha have been determined for MoS2 (no Co) catalysts on different supports and for aExpand
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EXAFS/XANES studies of plutonium-loaded sodalite/glass waste forms
A sodalite/glass ceramic waste form is being developed to immobilize highly radioactive nuclear wastes in chloride form, as part of an electrochemical cleanup process. Two types of simulated wasteExpand
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