Arthur J. Stein

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The haloed line effect is a technique where when a line in three-dimensional space passes in front of another line, a gap is produced in the projection of the more distant line. The gap is produced as if an opaque halo surrounded the closer line. This method for approximate hidden-line-elimination is advantageous because explicit surface equations are not(More)
want? No question is more fundamental for devising an effective counterterrorism strategy. The international community cannot expect to make terrorism unproatable and thus scarce without knowing the incentive structure of its practitioners.1 The strategic model—the dominant paradigm in terrorism studies—posits that terrorists are rational actors who attack(More)
For an efficient exploration of integrated remote sensing and GIS datasets of high dimensionality, virtual reality technology is likely to offer much promise in the future and is likely to become indispensable alongside developments in 3-dimensional visualisation techniques. The aim of this study was to investigate how new and emerging technologies may be(More)
BACKGROUND In 1998 the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) developed the Quality Achievement Recognition Grant, a competitive grant application open to all Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs) within the VHA system and based on the Baldrige management framework. Eight of the 22 VISNs attended the educational programs and initiated the grant(More)
(Equation (4)) and I Sil i via T Sil (Equation (5)) is demonstrated, as well as the ability to generate several frames per second of line art drawings in various styles. The video segments include: A recording of the wavy torus with three stroke styles, along isoparametric directions, along lines of curvature, and along silhouette lines. See Figure 3. The(More)
This study analyzes the effects of US drone strikes on terrorism in Pakistan. Some theories suggest that drone strikes anger Muslim populations, and that consequent blowback facilitates recruitment and incites Islamist terrorism. Others argue that drone strikes disrupt and degrade terrorist organizations, reducing their ability to conduct attacks. We use(More)
  • Erik Gartzke, Yonatan Lupu, +7 authors William Wohlforth
  • 2012
tween economic interdependence and military conoict is among the most studied and debated in the international relations literature. Scholars who argue that economic ties reduce the likelihood of conoict have struggled to reconcile this view with the outbreak of World War I. The conventional wisdom among political scientists is that World War I constituted(More)
“Long data”, i.e., temporal data disaggregated to short time intervals to form a long time series, is a particularly interesting type of “big data”. Financial data are often available in this form (e.g., many years of daily stock prices), but until recently long data for other social, and even other economic, processes have been rare. Over the last decade,(More)
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