Arthur J. Helmicki

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The detection, diagnosis, and accommodation of system failures or degradations are becoming increasingly more important in modern engineering problems. A system failure often causes changes in critical system parameters, or even, changes in the nonlinear dynamics of the system. This paper presents a general framework for constructing automated fault(More)
This paper presents the development and characterization of an integrated microfluidic biochemical detection system for fast and low-volume immunoassays using magnetic beads, which are used as both immobilization surfaces and bio-molecule carriers. Microfluidic components have been developed and integrated to construct a microfluidic biochemical detection(More)
Ecological interface design techniques were used to first model and then develop an interface to help clinicians assess tissue oxygenation in a neonatal intensive care unit. Several challenges were encountered during this work. The abstraction hierarchy model structure that was used has limitations in this environment. The first limitation concerned the(More)
Circulatory support devices require 10-20 W. Currently, several devices are under development for the transmission of this power via transcutaneous transformers, with the secondary implanted subcutaneously and the primary worn externally. Because these devices are air cored, they have relatively large, bulky external appliances, poor coil to coil coupling,(More)
A defunctionalized ileal pouch is thin-walled (1-2 mm), well perfused (blood flow, 0.3-1.0 ml/g/min), and tactile-insensitive. If fixed within the abdominal wall and provided with a miniature stoma for primary wire entry, the heat dissipating capacity and achievable geometries could facilitate small efficient intra- to extracorporeal power transformers with(More)
Direct power delivery to intracorporeal circulatory support devices risks infection. Electrical transformers spanning the integument (skin or mucosa) have long been attractive means of circumventing this risk. Yet all existing skin surface transformers leak substantial magnetic flux, with an intrinsic risk of battery draining cross-coupling by any nearby(More)
We have developed an arterial transfer function using aortic and peripheral blood pressure waves measured simultaneously in healthy children undergoing diagnostic catheterization. We have applied this transfer function to peripheral blood pressure pulses measured during specific stages of sleep and at distinct points in the respiratory cycle in a different(More)
A cable-stayed bridge recently constructed by the Ohio Department of Transportation incorporates measures put forth by a Federal Highway Administration study to mitigate stay motion. In following recent trends, the stays at this bridge are built without the use of grout for the purposes of inspection and, if necessary, replacement. Several experiments were(More)
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