Arthur H. Guenther

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A number of commercially available optical coatings, both antireflective and high reflective, have been tested for their laser-induced damage threshold, involving a total of eight different laboratories. The results obtained and the experimental methods used at these laboratories were discussed among the participants in this round robin at a minisymposium(More)
Third-order time-dependent perturbation theory, utilizing parabolic and nonparabolic energy bands and calculated (from band structure) higher bands as intermediate levels, and a Keldysh first-order model are used to calculate three-photon-absorption coefficients of several direct-gap crystals. Third-order perturbation results for CdS at 1.06 microm agree(More)
We investigated the relationship between laser damage and surface charging of the damaged area on dielectric thin film coatings of HfO(2) and M(g)F(2) and on bare polished surfaces of fused silica and M(g)F(2). A noncontacting Kelvin probe was developed which was sensitive to surface charge and surface potential changes and had a patial resolution of 1 mm.(More)