Arthur H. Guenther

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During the 1973 Symposium on Damage in Laser Materials several specific topics received considerable attention. The papers presented to the approximately 135 specialists in attendance can logically be separated into categories on self-focusing damage, surface damage, coating damage, infrared component damage, and theory and fundamental properties.(More)
A number of commercially available optical coatings, both antireflective and high reflective, have been tested for their laser-induced damage threshold, involving a total of eight different laboratories. The results obtained and the experimental methods used at these laboratories were discussed among the participants in this round robin at a minisymposium(More)
The dependence of a single-shot laser-induced damage on certain film properties is investigated. Variable stress films are produced by mixing pure components with imilar damage thresholds; a definite stress dependence is shown. Films formed from mixtures of high and low threshold components are investigated and found to have damage thresholds between the(More)
In the application of high-power lasers, damage to active laser materials, and to components of laser system, generally determines the limit of useful laser performance. Accordingly, there is great interest in reducing the susceptibility of optical elements ot damage. Damage in transparent dielectrics arises from three major causes, particulate inclusions(More)