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The aim of the paper is to explore whether the division of borderline personality disorder, as described in the DSM classification, into impulsive and borderline subtypes of emotionally unstable personality disorder in the ICD classification of personality disorder, is a valid division. The self-report questionnaire responses of 288 referrals to a(More)
Rosetta is a tool that supports the creation of object-oriented design documents, and automatically checks the conformance of Java implementations to those designs. Rosetta is based on a novel WWW architecture, supporting collaborative use with heterogeneous development tools under a coevolutionary development process. Rosetta has been used extensively in(More)
Software engineering problems often involve large sets of objects and complex relationships among them. This report proposes that graphical visualization techniques can help engineers understand and solve a class of these problems. To illustrate this, two problems are analyzed and recast using the graphical language GraphLog. The first problem is that of(More)
The Hy + system is a generic visualization tool that supports a novel visual query language called GraphLog. In Hy + , visualizations are based on a graphical formalism that allows comprehensible representations of databases, queries, and query answers to be interactively manipulated. This paper describes the design, architecture and features of Hy + with a(More)
IBM has for several years been employing a read/write usage of Linked Data as an architectural style for integrating a suite of applications. [1] We are encouraged by the work done by the W3C Linked Data Platform Working Group which is chartered to produce a W3C Recommendation for HTTP-based (RESTful) application integration patterns using read/write Linked(More)