Arthur Franz

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— Developmental researchers investigate many pieces of infants' physical knowledge, e.g. the perception of causality, occlusion or object permanence, but a theoretical framework that would unify all these pieces, account for the most basic phenomena and make testable predictions has not been provided yet. Here we make an attempt to unify and explain the(More)
— The role of behavior for the acquisition of sensory representations has been underestimated in the past. We study this question for the task of learning vergence eye movements allowing proper fixation of objects. We model the development of this skill with an artificial neural network based on reinforcement learning. A biologically plausible reward(More)
This paper presents a tentative outline for the construction of an artificial , generally intelligent system (AGI). It is argued that building a general data compression algorithm solving all problems up to a complexity threshold should be the main thrust of research. A measure for partial progress in AGI is suggested. Although the details are far from(More)
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