Arthur Evans

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Clinical prediction rules, sometimes called clinical decision rules, have proliferated in recent years. However, very few have undergone formal impact analysis, the standard of evidence to assess their impact on patient care. Without impact analysis, clinicians cannot know whether using a prediction rule will be beneficial or harmful. This paper reviews(More)
Gestational stress (GS) produces profound behavioural impairments in the offspring and may permanently programme hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis function. We investigated whether or not GS produced changes in the maternal behaviour of rat dams, and measured depression-like behaviour in the dam, which might contribute to effects in the progeny. We(More)
In addition to their role in cellular metabolic activity, thyroid hormones (THs), also regulate neural development; the central nervous system is particularly dependent on TH for normal maturation and function. Specifically, there appears to be extensive inter-reliance between TH and acetylcholine (Ach), nerve growth factor and hippocampal function. These(More)
STUDY DESIGN Telephone interviews were conducted with a random sample of adults in 4437 North Carolina households. The response rate was 79%. OBJECTIVE The prevalence of low back pain and the correlates of care-seeking in a defined population were examined. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Previous research on low back pain has used varying definitions of the(More)
The clinical course and histologic features of 118 granulosa cell tumors and 82 theca cell tumors were reviewed. Although the 2 cell types are related, important differences exist in their behavior. Theca cell tumors (TCTs) are virtually benign, while granulosa cell tumors (GCTs) exhibit less malignant activity than most ovarian carcinomas.(More)
BACKGROUND Antibiotic resistance is caused partly by excessive antibiotic prescribing, yet little is known about prescribers' views on this problem. METHODS We surveyed 490 internal medicine physicians at 4 Chicago-area hospitals to assess their attitudes about the importance of antibiotic resistance, knowledge of its prevalence, self-reported experience(More)
Mutations in whole organisms are powerful ways of interrogating gene function in a realistic context. We describe a program, the Sanger Institute Mouse Genetics Project, that provides a step toward the aim of knocking out all genes and screening each line for a broad range of traits. We found that hitherto unpublished genes were as likely to reveal(More)
The effectiveness of an infectious diseases (ID) consultation is dependent on adherence to the recommendations. To delineate the factors that affect adherence, we conducted a prospective cohort study of 465 consultations at 2 academic institutions in which we evaluated the consultation process, patient and consultant characteristics, types of(More)
Objective:Most colorectal cancers still present with symptoms because screening, although effective, is not yet widely practiced. A careful history and physical examination are still the usual methods for suspecting colorectal cancer and ordering appropriate investigation. Therefore, we studied the symptoms, duration, and clues to location of colorectal(More)
In many computer operating systems a user authenticates himself by entering a secret password known solely to himself and the system. The system compares this password with one recorded in a Password Table which is available to only the authentication program. The integrity of the system depends on keeping the table secret. In this paper a password scheme(More)