Arthur E. Girard

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The fine structure and fatty acid composition of a motile yellow pigmented streptococcus, isolated from gypsy moth (Porthetria dispar) larvae, was compared to that ofStreptococcus faecalis. The yellow streptococcus differed fromS.faecalis in the following manner: (1) absence of19:0 cyclic acid in its fatty acid complement, (2) the presence of a carotenoid,(More)
Examination of thin sections ofMicrococcus diversus, Neisseria catarrhalis andN. sicca reveals a cytoplasmic membrane, nuclear region and ribosomes which correspond to those recognized in other bacteria. Their cell walls are multilayered and resemble those of gram-negative microorganisms. Structures suggestive of mesosomes were observed inM. diversus andN.(More)
The fine structure of resting and germinating conidia ofPenicillium chrysogenum has been examined by electron microscopy. In addition to enlargement of the cells, a number of changes in ultrastructure become evident as morphogenesis proceeds. The newly synthesized germ tube is continuous with the corresponding layers of the conidial wall. Some conidial wall(More)
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