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Ambulant phlebectomy, according to Muller, is a technique which represents one therapeutic stage in the treatment of a varicosity. Ambulant phlebectomy is a phlebological technique which, preoperatively, requires clinical phlebological and velocimetric examinations, and post-operatively the application of a phlebological compressive bandage. In combination(More)
Having recalled the classic works on epidemiology, and having mentioned recent research, the author then considers: 1) Fundamental epidemiological facts. He shows that there is a zone of great varicose occurrence (Western Europe, North America); a zone of mild occurrence (Black Africa, the Far East, the Third World in general); and zones showing(More)
An arterial branch, companion of the external saphenous artery, has been described on rare occasions by anatomists. Certain exceptional complications of sclerosant treatment of the varicose external saphenous vein can only be explained by accidental injection of this arteriole. The accidental injection produces cutaneous ischaemia of variable severity and(More)
In answer to the question of knowing whether it is dangerous or not to carry out the excision of intact saphenous veins, the authors define what they mean by faulty strippings. They study 16 personal cases of such strippings, taking their pre-, per-, and postoperative statements from the case-histories. In the discussion they consider the "whys and(More)
The authors have carried out a study of telangectasia in the light of the most recently collected data. They emphasize the ideas already well-known and widely accepted. They consider points which have so far only been discussed and in particular the existence of an arterial intake which, despite all that has been said about it here and there, is still(More)