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Statistical methods for testing differences between neural images (e.g., PET, MRI or EEG maps) are problematic because they require (1) an untenable assumption of data sphericity and (2) a high subject to electrode ratio. We propose and demonstrate an exact and distribution-free method of significance testing which avoids the sphericity assumption and may(More)
A rapid tool for the characterization of submicron particles is light spectroscopy. Rayleigh-Debye-Gans and Mie theories provide light scattering solutions that can be evaluated within the time constants required for continuous real time monitoring applications, as in characterization of biological particles. A multiwavelength assessment of(More)
The usual method of finding an accurate trigonometric interpolation for a function with dominant high frequencies requires a large number of calculations. This paper shows how aliasing can be used to achieve a great reduction in the computations in cases when the high frequencies are known beforehand. The technique is applied to stiff differential(More)
Additive manufacturing (AM) is increasingly being used for the realization of microwave circuits. In this method of fabrication, conductive patterns can be printed directly without the need of a mask or subtractive techniques such as etching a metalized substrate surface. For most AM processes, the materials used for the conductive layer are the most(More)
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