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Statistical methods for testing differences between neural images (e.g., PET, MRI or EEG maps) are problematic because they require (1) an untenable assumption of data sphericity and (2) a high subject to electrode ratio. We propose and demonstrate an exact and distribution-free method of significance testing which avoids the sphericity assumption and may(More)
— The classic problem of recovering arbitrary values of a band-limited signal from its samples has an added complication in software radio applications; namely, the resampling calculations inevitably fold aliases of the analog signal back into the original bandwidth. The phenomenon is quantified by the spur-free dynamic range. We demonstrate how a novel(More)
Additive manufacturing (AM) is increasingly being used for the realization of microwave circuits. In this method of fabrication, conductive patterns can be printed directly without the need of a mask or subtractive techniques such as etching a metalized substrate surface. For most AM processes, the materials used for the conductive layer are the most(More)
– An exposure to the arts is an essential part of every undergraduate's curriculum, but we feel that the course offerings adopted by most universities to acquaint their engineering students with the fine arts fail to meet their objective. Herein we describe a different type of fine arts course for engineering students which approaches the subject matter(More)
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