Arthur Chun-wing Lau

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STUDY OBJECTIVES The accuracy of reference values of lung function is important for assessment of severity and functional impairment of respiratory diseases. The aim of the study was to establish updated prediction formulae of spirometric parameters for Hong Kong Chinese and to compare the reference values with those derived from other studies in white and(More)
BACKGROUND The patterns of corticosteroids usage in severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and associated treatment outcomes in Hong Kong were studied. METHOD Patients> or =18 years old who either had not received corticosteroid or had taken corticosteroids within 14 days from symptom onset were included. Patients receiving corticosteroids beyond 15(More)
In order to obtain up-to-date information on the pattern of severe acute poisoning and the characteristics and outcomes of these patients, 265 consecutive patients admitted to an intensive care unit in Hong Kong for acute poisoning from January 2000 to May 2008 were studied retrospectively. Benzodiazepine (25.3%), alcohol (23%), tricyclic antidepressant(More)
A 53-year-old lady with blood-stained sputum and pleuritic pain had a lingular opacity on CXR which failed to resolve. A bronchial aspirate and transbronchial biopsy revealed features of bronchocentric granulomatosis with dichotomous branching hyphae suggestive of Aspergillus infection. However, subsequent fungal culture grew Pseudallescheria boydii. This(More)
OBJECTIVE There is so far no consensus on the optimal treatment strategy for the coronavirus-associated severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). We aimed to analyse the outcomes of a standard treatment strategy comprising antibiotics, a combination of ribavirin, a 3-week step-down course of corticosteroids, and the possibility of pulsed methylprednisolone(More)
PURPOSES To estimate the prevalence of undiagnosed airflow obstruction (AFO) in Hong Kong smokers with no previous diagnosis of respiratory disease, and to assess its variability when applying different prediction equations and diagnostic criteria. METHODS A multicenter, population-based, cross-sectional prevalence study was performed in smokers aged 20(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Microalbuminuria in diabetes mellitus is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. We hypothesized that microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetic patients is related to impaired cardiopulmonary function during exercise, and that the severity of impairment is correlated with the degree of microalbuminuria. DESIGN Twenty of each of the following(More)
Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (DAH) is a life-threatening condition that complicates various clinical entities. While mitral stenosis is a well-known cardiovascular cause, acute mitral regurgitation (MR) related DAH is rarely reported. We report a patient with a stormy course of acute MR induced DAH with concomitant Coomb’s negative intravascular hemolysis,(More)
Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is frequently complicated with acute respiratory failure. In this article, we aim to focus on the management of the subgroup of SARS patients who are critically ill. Most SARS patients would require high flow oxygen supplementation, 20–30% required intensive care unit (ICU) or high dependency care, and 13–26%(More)