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In 1961, Nicholas Kaldor used his list of six " stylized " facts both to summarize the patterns that economists had discovered in national income accounts and to shape the growth models that they were developing to explain them. Redoing this exercise today, nearly fifty years later, shows how much progress we have made. In contrast to Kaldor's facts, which(More)
BACKGROUND Osteoporosis may be underdiagnosed and undertreated. General practitioners are best placed to redress this. METHODS The research group invited all GPs in Bendigo (Victoria) (60) to attend an educational evening about osteoporosis, and also to engage in subsequent research involving data extraction from their electronic medical records for 2003.(More)
As most important applications today are large-scale in nature, high-performance methods are becoming indispensable. Two promising computational paradigms for large-scale applications are dynamic and I/O-eecient computations. We give eecient dynamic data structures for several fundamental problems in computational geometry, including point location, ray(More)
Some technologies save lives — new vaccines, new surgical techniques, safer highways. Others threaten lives — pollution, nuclear accidents, global warming , the rapid global transmission of disease, and bioengineered viruses. How is growth theory altered when technologies involve life and death instead of just higher consumption? This paper shows that(More)
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