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Couple stress based strain gradient theory for elasticity
The deformation behavior of materials in the micron scale has been experimentally shown to be size dependent. In the absence of stretch and dilatation gradients, the size dependence can be explainedExpand
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Experiments and theory in strain gradient elasticity
Abstract Conventional strain-based mechanics theory does not account for contributions from strain gradients. Failure to include strain gradient contributions can lead to underestimates of stressesExpand
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Strain gradient plasticity effect in indentation hardness of polymers
Plasticity in material is typically described as a function of strain, but recent observations from torsion and indentation experiments in metals suggested that plasticity is also dependent on strainExpand
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Plastic deformation of metals is generally a function of the strain. Recently, both phenomenological and dislocation-based strain gradient plasticity laws were proposed after strain gradients wereExpand
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Effect of cross-link density on strain gradient plasticity in epoxy
The variation of specific strain gradient plasticity modulus in epoxy has been examined as a function of cross-link density in epoxy. Cross-link density is controlled by varying the hardener contentExpand
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Characterization and Modeling of Specific Strain Gradient Modulus of Epoxy
Microscale sensing and actuating components are prevalent in microelectromechanical systems. Deformations of microscale components are dependent not only on the strains in the body, but also on theExpand
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Typical microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices and packages are composed of micron-scaled structures. Experimental investigations on the effect of size on the deformation behavior of simpleExpand
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Model and experiments on strain gradient hardening in metallic glass
Hardnesses of polycrystalline metals at shallow indent depth have been observed to increase because of strain gradients. Dislocation-based strain gradient plasticity models were proposed and goodExpand
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Mechanics Framework for Micron-Scale Planar Structures
Structures are assemblies of planar and three-dimensional objects. Planar components and parts are commonly because the deformation behaviors of plates and beams can be analyzed within the planeExpand