Arthur C. Clarke

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In this chapter we turn to tools for interpreting affective meaning, extending our affective study of sentiment analysis in Chapter 7. We use the word ‘affective’, following the tradition in affective computing (Picard, 1995) to mean emotion, sentiment, personality, mood, and attitudes. Affective meaning is closely related to subjectivity, subjectivity the(More)
The Smule Ocarina is a wind instrument designed for the iPhone, fully leveraging its wide array of technologies: microphone input (for breath input), multitouch (for fingering), accelerometer, real-time sound synthesis, highperformance graphics, GPS/location, and persistent data connection. In this mobile musical artifact, the interactions of the ancient(More)
This paper focuses on the role of the nurse as both a role model and as a health educator and examines some key areas where tension between these two appear to exist. The context is the changing British National Health Service and the expectations of both the providers of the care and the consumers. The concept of the nurse as a role model for health is(More)
Assuming that general intelligence (g) is an honest signal of fitness, we expected g to be related to developmental quality as indexed by Fluctuating Asymmetry (i.e. non-pathological variation in the size of right and left body features). In a population sample of 44 men and 37 women, we assessed the relationship between Fluctuating Asymmetry (FA) and g,(More)
Synaptic transmission requires the fusion of neurotransmitter containing vesicles with the neuron's plasma membrane in a temporally restrictive manner. In Drosophila, this challenge is accomplished in part by the SNARE protein neuronal-Synaptobrevin (n-Syb). The juxtamembrane region of this molecule, linking the cytosolic SNARE motif and transmembrane(More)
Nowadays, speech synthesis is part of various daily life applications. The ultimate goal of such technologies consists in extending the possibilities of interaction with the machine, in order to get closer to human-like communications. However, current state-of-the-art systems often lack of realism: although high-quality speech synthesis can be produced by(More)
In this paper we develop tactical and strategic models for assignments of customers to satellite channels. We solve this problem using mixed integer-linear programming, and study the managerial impacts of our models. As a managerial tool, the optimal placement of customer channels to minimize transponder re-balancing was found to have a real and observable(More)
Science fiction is a literary genre which provides the ground for scientific discoveries. One of the subgenres of science fiction is apocalyptic literature, which deals with the end of the world. Arthur C. Clarke is considered one of these apocalyptic writers whose Childhood’s End indicates an alien invasion and the outcome of their interference with the(More)