Arthur Barnes

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Adenocarcinoma of the endometrium in patients 40 years of age or younger is rare and accounts for 2.9% of all endometrial cancers diagnosed in the study community. However, the diagnosis of malignancy was confirmed in only 32 of 54 patients (59.2%) with pathologic material available for review. None of the 32 patients had Stein-Leventhal syndrome or was(More)
Six cases of leukemic myelomatosis (plasma cell leukemia), are reported. A spectrum of leukemic plasmacellular proliferation was observed in this group: in two cases the plasmacytic leukemia was a terminal event of multiple myeloma, in one of a chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and in the remaining three cases the peripheral blood plasmacytosis was a presenting(More)
Two types of neoplasms described as superficially invasive or microinvasive carcinoma of the vulva were identified. One type, which can be treated by conservative surgery, is commonly associated with extensive overlying intraepithelial neoplasia. Usually 1 focus of microinvasion, but occasionally more invades less than 2 mm into the underlying stroma. The(More)
The optical attenuation in sapphire fibers was examined. Attenuation was found to depend heavily on injection conditions. A number of techniques for making sapphire-silica fiber splices were attempted, with an effort toward optimizing injection conditions in the sapphire fiber. The most successful of these techniques, interior capillary-tube splicing,(More)
A water-soluble protein fraction of nervous tissue was prepared by extraction of rabbit spinal cord with sodium citrate at pH 4.3. Characterization by nitrogen content and paper electrophoresis showed it to be a mixture of basic proteins. This extract demonstrated encephalitogenic activity when injected into rabbits. The most suitable technique for the(More)