Arthur Anyakwo

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This paper presents a novel approach to modelling and simulation of the dynamic behaviour of rail-wheel interface. The proposed dynamic wheel-rail contact model comprises wheel-rail geometry and efficient solutions for normal and tangential contact problems. This two-degree of freedom model takes into account the lateral displacement of the wheelset and the(More)
This paper is an attempt to collate and critically appraise the recent advances in control strategies used to solve challenges related to railway vehicles which present nonlinearities and uncertainties. These strategies concentrate on stability of solid axle-wheelsets, guidance for wheelsets to provide the function of track following and curving to reduce(More)
Methods for multibody modelling and simulation should accurately replicate the dynamic behaviour of rail-wheel interface including precise values for wheel-rail contact positions. This paper studies the development of a novel 3-D wheel-rail contact model which is used for dynamic simulation of a suspended wheelset with parameters listed for a typical Mark(More)
Exposure to particulate material (PM) is a major health concern in megacities across the world which use trains as a primary public transport. PM emissions caused by railway traffic have hardly been investigated in the past, due to their obviously minor influence on the atmospheric air quality compared to automotive transport. However, the electrical train(More)
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