Arthur A. Petrosian

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A new integrated design approach for an optimal zonal wavelet-based ECG data compression (OZWC) method for a mobile telecardiology model is presented. The hybrid implementation issues of this wavelet method with a GSM-based mobile telecardiology system are also introduced. The performance of the mobile system with compressed ECG data segments selected from(More)
OBJECTIVE We explored the ability of specifically designed and trained recurrent neural networks (RNNs), combined with wavelet preprocessing, to discriminate between the electroencephalograms (EEGs) of patients with mild Alzheimer's disease (AD) and their age-matched control subjects. METHODS Twomin recordings of resting eyes-closed continuous EEGs (as(More)
Serotonin content of the epiphysis has been studied in 1-day chicks, 1-, 5-5 1/2-, 8-12- and 24-month hens. It was found that this content undergoes significant changes during life cycle of hens, being dependent on physiological activity of the gonads. The highest level of serotonin (16 micrograms/g) was observed in 8-12 months old hens which corresponds to(More)
Electron microscopic investigation of the epiphysis in 1 and 2 years old hens revealed that pineocytes are rich in mitochondria, ribosomes, granular endoplasmic network, Golgi apparatus, synapses. In contrast to 1-year hens, large amounts of lipofuscin granules and lysosomes were found in older animals. The data obtained reveal intensive hormone formation(More)
Beditin, or 2-(2-amino-4-thiazolyl)-1,4-benzodioxane hydrochloride, is a new benzodioxane derivative possessing antihypoxant and alpha 2-adrenoreceptor blocker properties. In contrast to idazoxan, a well-known alpha 2-adrenoreceptor blocker, beditin (3 mg/kg) significantly increases the circulation rate and decreases the blood vessel resistance in various(More)
The article presents our experience with using antiadhesive means "Seprafilm", "Interceed" and "Adept" in patients with abdominal adhesive disease. "Seprafilm" was applied in 18 patients, among them 13 underwent laparoscopic and 5 open adhesiolysis. Liquid antiadhesive barrier "Adept" was used in 53 patients (in 33--laparoscopically and in 20--by(More)
Neuronal reactivity to single stimuli applied to both the peripheral nerves and the cortex, was the same in the cat solitary tract nucleus. The 1-20 Hz stimulation frequency rendered the reactivity either tonic in character or with reduced firing rate. A high degree of convergence (80.2%) on baso-lateral nuclei neurons was established, as well as a(More)