Arthorn Riewpaiboon

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OBJECTIVE To explore the cost-effectiveness of parenteral artesunate for the treatment of severe malaria in children and its potential impact on hospital budgets. METHODS The costs of inpatient care of children with severe malaria were assessed in four of the 11 sites included in the African Quinine Artesunate Malaria Treatment trial, conducted with over(More)
Diabetes is a common metabolic disorder with increasing burden in Thailand. The chronic nature along with associated complications makes the disease very costly. In Thailand, there exist some studies on cost of diabetes; however, those studies estimated the cost either from provider or from patient perspective. In order to capture the complete picture of(More)
This study values informal care for disabled stroke survivors in Thailand. It applies the conventional recommended opportunity cost method to value informal care in monetary terms. Data were collected by means of face-to-face interviews conducted during 2006. The sample consisted of 101 disabled persons who had suffered a stroke at least six months prior to(More)
AIMS The study estimated the cost of informal care for 475 randomly selected diabetic patients as identified by International Classification of Diseases, tenth revision (ICD-10 codes=E10-E14) and who received treatment at Waritchaphum hospital in Sakhon Nakhon province of Thailand during the financial year 2008. METHODS Informal care was valued by using(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to formulate a cost model from a provider perspective regarding the direct medical costs for diabetic patients who received care in a 30-bed public hospital in Thailand during the fiscal year of 2001. METHODS This study is a retrospective prevalence-based cost of illness study. Data were collected by reviewing the medical record(More)
The aim of this study was to estimate the costs of treatment of children who present with the signs and symptoms of invasive bacterial diseases in Khanh Hoa province, Viet Nam. The study was an incidence-based cost-of-illness analysis from the health system perspective. The hospital costs included labour, materials and capital costs, both direct and(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of the factors associated with health-related quality of life (HRQOL) among patients with thalassemia is essential in developing more suitable clinical, counseling, and social support programs to improve treatment outcomes of these patients. In light of the limited research in this area, this study aims to examine factors associated(More)
BACKGROUND The Thai healthcare setting has seen patients with cervical cancer experience an increasing burden of morbidity and mortality, a stagnation in the performance of cervical screening programmes and the introduction of a vaccine for the prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. OBJECTIVE This study aims to identify the optimum mix of(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the incidence and economic burden of rotavirus diarrhea and the potential cost-effectiveness of a rotavirus immunization program in rural Zhengding County in Hebei Province, China. METHODS Population-based surveillance was conducted during the peak season for diarrhea among children who were <5 years of age in Zhengding County from 14(More)
Costing plays an important role in health economics, particularly economic evaluation. However, there are some controversial issues: concepts, methods and reference values. Hence, it is pivotal to standardize can be con costing methods and use these as national guidelines to produce comparable studies. This report is divided perspectives. into 3 parts:(More)