Arthit Srikaew

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In this paper, the authors propose the spread spectrum image watermarking algorithm using the discrete multiwavelet transform. Performance improvement with respect to existing algorithms is obtained by genetic algorithms optimization. In the proposed optimization process, the authors search for parameters that consist of threshold values and the embedding(More)
In this paper, we attempt to develop image watermarking algorithms which are portable to a variety of applications such as copyright protection, fingerprinting and identification. Therefore, we require that the watermark be binary and be not only detectable but also extractable. The embedding technique is based on the parent-child structure of the(More)
Vegetables and fruits are the most important export agricultural products of Thailand. In order to obtain more value-added products, a product quality control is essentially required. Many studies show that quality of agricultural products may be reduced from many causes. One of the most important factors of such quality is plant diseases. Consequently,(More)
In this paper, we propose digital image watermarking algorithm in the multiwavelet transform domain. The embedding technique is based on the quantization index modulation technique and this technique does not require the original image in the watermark extraction. We have developed an optimization technique using the genetic algorithms to search for optimal(More)
This paper presents a controller design for a three-phase controlled rectifier using an adaptive tabu search. The averaging model of the power electronic system is used as an objective function instead of the model from software packages. The results show that the proposed method can efficiently obtain the best performance of the output waveform compared(More)
In this paper a robust Hybridized Watermarking scheme based on Fast Walsh Hadamard transform (FWHT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) using Genetic algorithm (GA) is presented. The host image is subjected to FWHT and SVD . The singular values of SVD of host image are modified with singular values of watermark. Multiple scaling factors are used in(More)