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Effects of environmental conditions on mechanical and physical properties of flax fibers
The environmental degradation behaviour of flax fibers and their mechanical properties were investigated. Upgraded Duralin flax fibers, which have been treated by a novel treatment process forExpand
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The influence of strontium substitution in fluorapatite glasses and glass-ceramics
Strontium is often substituted for calcium in order to confer radio-opacity in glasses used for dental cements, biocomposites and bioglass-ceramics. The present paper investigates the influence ofExpand
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Environmental Durability of Flax Fibres and their Composites based on Polypropylene Matrix
The environmental degradation behaviour of flax fibres and their polymer composites are explored. New upgraded Duralin flax fibres, which have been treated by a novel treatment process for improvedExpand
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Surface characterization of flax, hemp and cellulose fibers; Surface properties and the water uptake behavior
The surface characteristics of several natural fibers—flax, hemp and cellulose—were investigated using scanning electron microscopy, BET-surface area and zeta (ζ-) potential measurements. ζ-PotentialExpand
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Real‐Time Nucleation and Crystallization Studies of a Fluorapatite Glass–Ceramics Using Small‐Angle Neutron Scattering and Neutron Diffraction
Real-time small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) and neutron diffraction (ND) studies have been performed on a calcium fluorapatite (Ca5(PO4)3F) (FAP) glass–ceramic composition. The cast glassExpand
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Characterization of the structure of calcium alumino-silicate and calcium fluoro-alumino-silicate glasses by magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance (MAS-NMR)
Abstract Calcium aluminosilicate and calcium fluoro-aluminosilicate glasses have been characterized by 29Si, 27Al and 19F MAS-NMR. The two calcium aluminosilicate glasses examined were based on theExpand
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Characterisation of fluorine containing glasses by 19F, 27Al, 29Si and 31P MAS-NMR spectroscopy.
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to characterise a range of model and commercially available glasses used to form glass (ionomer) polyalkenoate cements. METHODS A range of modelExpand
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The influence of montmorillonite clay reinforcement on the performance of a glass ionomer restorative.
OBJECTIVES A pristine calcium montmorillonite (Ca-MMT) and an organically modified 12-amino-dodecanoicacid treated montmorillonite (ADA-MMT) clay were evaluated to determine the reinforcement effectExpand
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Uptake of Sr2+ and Co2+ into biogenic hydroxyapatite: implications for biomineral ion exchange synthesis.
Biomineral hydroxyapatite (Bio-HAp) produced by Serratia sp. has the potential to be a suitable material for the remediation of metal contaminated waters and as a radionuclide waste storage material.Expand
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Polyhydroxybutyrate accumulation by a Serratia sp.
A strain of Serratia sp. showed intracellular electron-transparent inclusion bodies when incubated in the presence of citrate and glycerol 2-phosphate without nitrogen source following pre-growthExpand
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