Artemis C. Voulkidis

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Recent advances in energy efficient data center (DC) design in combination with predictive optimization techniques have led to the emergence of DCs that are able to adapt their operation to their environment. Current approaches towards assessing the operational efficiency of the DCs are mostly static, disregarding the flexibility aspects of modern DCs, also(More)
A coalitional game theoretic scheme is proposed that aims at maximizing wireless sensor network lifetime under specified QoS. Employing a small number of nodes of increased computing power and lifetime called <i>representatives</i>, an adaptive clustering scheme is proposed where neighboring nodes form coalitions in order to increase energy efficiency at(More)
A distributed game theoretic framework based on correlated strategies is proposed to maximize the lifetime of dense, homogeneous, multi-service Wireless Sensor Networks (MS-WSNs), that support multiple services continually and ubiquitously over the WSN deployment. The MS-WSN operation is dealt with as a game played by the multi-mode nodes. A correlated(More)
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