Artemis Alexiadou

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The first version of this article (Müller (1997b)) was written during my stay at Potsdam University in the winter of 1996/1997, and I am grateful to the Innovationskolleg " Formale Modelle kognitiver Komplexität " for its generous support. Abstract: Order preservation effects are documented with a number of movement operations in various languages, among(More)
In this paper, we investigate the performance of a Greek-English bilingual patient with Broca's aphasia and mild agrammatism on the placement of CP, MoodP, AspectP, and NegP-related adverbs, labeled specifier-type adverbs, and VP-related adverbs, labeled complement-type adverbs, by means of a constituent ordering task and a grammaticality judgment task.(More)
In this paper I examine two types of nominalizations related to color adjectives in Greek, a suffixed one and a neutral one, which I will compare to their English and Dutch (and German) counterparts. I show that the two differ in that suffixed nominalizations denote stage level properties, while neuter nominalizations denote individual level properties.(More)