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Deissi, arbitrarietà e disambiguazione : due approcci a confronto
L’incomunicabilità che affligge due campi scientifici così affini come la filosofia analitica del linguaggio e la linguistica generale fa sì che le due discipline trattino i medesimi fenomeni
Predicative possessive constructions in Japanese and Korean
Both Generativist and Functionalist schools of linguistics have spent much effort in order to clarify these topics, so that some contemporary achievements can be considered as their definitive
Deissi, riferimento, metafora
This collection of essays by young specialists in linguistic disciplines addresses the oldest – and yet still topical – issues in the debate on language. It also includes a contribution by the famous
Direct and indirect evidence for lability in Middle Indo-Aryan
Abstract The paper is devoted to the labile verbs in the Middle Indo-Aryan languages. To begin with, the general causes of the diachronic development of lability are taken into consideration. The
Meaningfulness, the unsaid and translatability: Instead of an introduction
Abstract The present paper opens this topical issue on translation techniques by drawing a theoretical basis for the discussion of translational issues in a linguistic perspective. In order to
Marking of quality modifiers in 2nd-generation IE languages
Abstract In PIE, quality modifiers were expressed by stative verbs and nominal epithets, rather than by special adjectival lexemes. Adjectives did not form a separate lexical class. This made the