Artem Y. Polyakov

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A new style of temporal debugging is proposed. The new URDB debugger can employ such techniques as temporal search for finding an underlying fault that is causing a bug. This improves on the standard iterative debugging style, which iteratively re-executes a program under debugger control in the search for the underlying fault. URDB acts as a meta-debugger,(More)
System-level checkpoint-restart is a critical technology for long-running jobs in high-performance computing. Yet, only two approaches to checkpointing MPI applications continue to survive in wide use today. One approach is to use the kernel module-based BLCR in combination with an MPI checkpoint-restart service particular to the MPI implementation in use.(More)
This work addresses two classical problems in debugging. First, while some excellent reversible debuggers have been built for C, C++, Java, Standard ML, other languages including MATLAB, Python and Perl lack such reversible debuggers. To solve this, this work contributes a new temporal debugging approach and a new software package, URDB (Universal(More)
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