Artem N Yablonskiy

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A series of lanthanide complexes (Ln = Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd and Yb) with anionic 2-mercaptobenothiazolate (mbt) ligands were synthesized. Depending on the solvents chosen for the synthesis, Ln(mbt)3(THF)2 and Ln(mbt)3(Et2O) complexes were precipitated from THF and Et2O solutions respectively. The structure of Yb(mbt)3(Et2O) was determined by X-ray analysis.(More)
To obtain luminescent lanthanide complexes with a low energy LMCT state the 2-(2'-mercaptophenyl)benzothiazolates, Ln(SSN)3, and 2-(2'-mercaptophenyl)benzoxazolates, Ln2(OSN)6 (Ln = Gd, Yb), were synthesized by the reaction of amides Ln[N(SiMe3)2]3 with respective thiophenols. Ytterbium complexes were structurally characterized by X-ray diffraction(More)
The samarium complexes Sm(S2PPh2)3(THF)2 (1) and Sm(Se2PPh2)3(THF)2 (2) with soft-donor dithia- and diselenophosphinate ligands were synthesized and their photophysical properties were studied in detail. Both complexes displayed the metal-centered photoluminescence (PL) in visible and NIR regions corresponding to (4)G5/2→(6)HJ (J=5/2, 7/2, 9/2, 11/2, 13/2,(More)
Herein, complexes [ZnL]2 (1), {(H2O)Zn(μ-L)Yb[OCH(CF3)2]3} (2), {[(CF3)2HCO]Zn(μ-L)Yb[OCH(CF3)2](μ-OH)}2 (3), and [(H2O)Ln2(L)3] (Ln = Yb (4) and Gd (5)) containing a bridging Schiff-base ligand (H2L = N,N'-bis(3-methoxy salicylidene)phenylene-1,2-diamine) were synthesized. The compounds 1-4 were structurally characterized. The ytterbium derivatives 2-4(More)
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