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Vision-based driver assistance systems have great potential for preventing fatalities. This work addresses the problem of 3D monocular vehicle tracking and turn rate estimation in situations where vehicles need to be tracked along intersections and curves. To estimate the tracked vehicle's turn rate, an approach based on image feature correspondences and a(More)
Altogether 124 patients with tuberculosis of the kidney and post-tuberculous changes of the urinary tracts were investigated. Changes in microflora of the urine, feces, blood, fauces, vagina, and resected tissues in the course of antituberculous therapy were studied. Frequent disorders in ecological equilibrium of autoflora of the macro-organism were shown(More)
Sublethal concentration of the antiseptic composition Desoxon-1 was shown to provoke in cells of Corinebacterium ammoniagenes in a liquid medium the biosynthesis and accumulation of a novel macroergic 2-methylbutane-1,2,3,4-tetraol-2,4-cyclopyrophosphate. This substance is also synthesized when C. ammoniagenes is cultivated in a solid agar medium(More)
The influence of low-intensity garnet laser radiation a wavelength of 0.53 microns (green spectrum) on Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MT), nonspecific microflora and regeneration of aseptic and purulent wounds has been studied experimentally for the first time. Irradiation of MT and nonspecific microflora inoculations has shown that this type of laser(More)
The effect of CO2 laser on M. tuberculosis (MT) and nonspecific micro-organisms has been studied. Radiation of MT in suspension causes a decrease in the number of colonies. Laser action on MT and microflora after their growing in a solid nutrient media produces a bactericidal action in the exposed zone with the area of growth inhibition being in a direct(More)