Artem Kaliuk

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Vision-based driver assistance systems have great potential for preventing fatalities. This work addresses the problem of 3D monocular vehicle tracking and turn rate estimation in situations where vehicles need to be tracked along intersections and curves. To estimate the tracked vehicle's turn rate, an approach based on image feature correspondences and a(More)
The growth properties of M. tuberculosis subjected to the action of helium-neon laser radiation was studied. Laser radiation was shown to change the quantitative and qualitative composition of mycobacterial population. Disturbances in the viability of mycobacteria appear as a consequence of changes in the morphological structure of mycobacterial cells. The(More)
Altogether 124 patients with tuberculosis of the kidney and post-tuberculous changes of the urinary tracts were investigated. Changes in microflora of the urine, feces, blood, fauces, vagina, and resected tissues in the course of antituberculous therapy were studied. Frequent disorders in ecological equilibrium of autoflora of the macro-organism were shown(More)