Artem Alimarine

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Generic functions are defined by induction on the structural representation of types. As a consequence, by defining just a single generic operation, one acquires this operation over any particular type. An instance on a specific type is generated by interpretation of the type's structure. A direct translation leads to extremely inefficient code that(More)
Software testing is a labor-intensive and hence expensive, yet heavily used technique to control quality. In this paper we introduce Gast, a fully automatic test-tool. Properties from first order logic can be expressed in the system, Gast automatically generates appropriate test-data, evaluates the property for these values, and analyzes the test-results.(More)
Invertible programming occurs in the area of data conversion where it is required that the conversion in one direction is the inverse of the other. For that purpose, we introduce bidirectional arrows (<i>bi-arrows</i>). The bi-arrow class is an extension of Haskell's arrow class with an extra combinator that changes the direction of computation.The(More)
Dynamic types allow strongly typed programs to link in external code at run-time in a type safe way. Generic programming allows programmers to write code schemes that can be specialized at compile-time to arguments of arbitrary type. Both techniques have been investigated and incorporated in the pure functional programming language Clean. Because generic(More)
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