Artashes Mkhitaryan

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In this paper, we present a method for human full-body pose estimation from Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera images. Our approach consists of robustly detecting anatomical landmarks in the 3D data and fitting a skeleton body model using constrained inverse kinematics. Instead of relying on appearance-based features for interest point detection that can vary(More)
We present a vision based multisensor that is designed for robot interaction with small, soft, and possibly fragile objects. The sensor consists of a rubber membrane, a rectangular frame on which the membrane is mounted and a CCD camera. The entire system is airtight. Based on the observed deformations of the membrane, we determine the contact area, the(More)
In this paper we introduce a novel vision based approach for estimating physical properties of an object such as its center of mass and mass distribution. Passive observation only allows to approximate the center of mass with the centroid of the object. This special case is only true for objects that consist of one material and have unified mass(More)
RGB-D sensors are becoming more and more vital to robotics. Sensors such as the Microsoft Kinect and time of flight cameras provide 3D colored point-clouds in real time can play a crucial role in Robot Vision. However these sensors suffer from precision deficiencies, and often the density of the point-clouds they provide is insufficient. In this paper, we(More)
We investigate the Wightman function, the vacuum expectation values of the field squared and the energy-momentum tensor for a massless scalar field with general curvature coupling parameter in spatially flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker universes with an arbitrary number of toroidally compactified dimensions. The topological parts in the expectation values(More)
Positive frequency Wightman function, vacuum expectation values of the field square and the energy-momentum tensor induced by a Z2-symmetric brane with finite thickness located on (D + 1)dimensional AdS background are evaluated for a massive scalar field with general curvature coupling parameter. For the general case of static plane symmetric interior(More)
In this paper we present a framework for dynamic substitution of different sensory modalities with existing physical sensors. Our system is capable of finding the most optimal set of mathematical and physical transformations between two modalities of physical and virtual sensors. It allows a creation of new virtual sensors from given set of physical(More)
We present an algorithm for reconstruction of dynamic scenes from a video input of an asynchronous stereo-pair. Our method presumes that the timestamps of the frame acquisitions and the intrinsic parameters of the stereo cameras are known, as well as, that the extrinsic parameters can be estimated from static regions of the scene. It computes the 3D(More)
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