Art S. Finbow

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For a positive integer k, a k-packing in a graph G is a subset A of vertices such that the distance between any two distinct vertices from A is more than k. The packing chromatic number of G is the smallest integer m such that the vertex set of G can be partitioned as V1, V2, . . . , Vm where Vi is an i-packing for each i. It is proved that the planar(More)
A graph G is said to be well-covered if every maximal independent set of vertices has the same cardinality. A planar (simple) graph in which each face is a triangle is called a triangulation. It was proved in an earlier paper [A. Finbow, B. Hartnell, R. Nowakowski, M. Plummer, On well-covered triangulations: Part I, Discrete Appl. Math., 132, 2004, 97–108](More)