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Creating a Profile of an Honors Student: A Comparison of Honors and Non-Honors Students at Public Research Universities in the United States
This study uses data from the 2018 Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) Survey of undergraduate degree-seeking students to develop a profile of an honors student . Nineteen researchExpand
Building an Engineering Honors Curriculum: Collegiate Consistency with Individual Flexibility
University-wide Honors programs typically have difficulties in making their own curricula accessible to students in the colleges or schools of Engineering. Professional colleges, such as Engineering,Expand
The Effect of Honors Courses on Grade Point Averages.
BACKGROUND AND JUSTIFICATION High-ability entering college students give three main reasons for not choosing to become part of honors programs and colleges; they and/or their parents believe thatExpand
Martial's Theatrum of Power Pornography
Martial's epigrams contain more obscenity and sexual content tiian do die works of any otiier of die extant classical Latin poets.1 In die last several decades scholarship on sexual discourse hasExpand
Transitioning Gifted International Students into American Honors Programs