Arso Savanovic

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Balance training and postural response assessment have been for decades two separate tasks in the rehabilitation medicine. The former concerns physiotherapy and the latter diagnostics. The virtual-reality technology does not only enhance the possibilities of balance training, but in combination with a haptic floor enables the subjects to gain a postural(More)
Active networks consist of traditional routers and active network nodes (ANN). Some aspects of active networks operation, e.g. security and interoperability, require each ANN to know its neighbour ANNs. However, neighbour ANNs are not directly connected, i.e. there may be one or more plain routers between them. This makes the discovery of neighbour ANNs a(More)
Active networks allow user-controlled network programmability. A security framework has to assure that our infrastructure will behave as expected and will efficiently deal with malicious attacks, unathorized attempts to execute active code etc. We present here a security architecture that is designed within the FAIN project and aims at supporting multiple(More)
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