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A novel inter-vehicle communication system based on emotion enabled cognitive (EEC) agent has been anticipated as an intelligent solution to evade the road catastrophe due to hasty decisions by drivers. An input stimulus is processed in human brain using a short route and a long route during any emergency situation. The proposed EEC agent, mounted inside a(More)
As it is conventionally done, strategies for incorporating accident--prevention measures in any hazardous chemical process industry are developed on the basis of input from risk assessment. However, the two steps-- risk assessment and hazard reduction (or safety) measures--are not linked interactively in the existing methodologies. This prevents a(More)
Biological systems are important source of inspiration for design and development of intelligent computational systems. This is because biological systems have intrinsic potential for evolution and adaptation. Artificial immune system (AIS) is a computational system designed on the principles of natural immune system (IS), which is highly distributed,(More)
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