Arslan Brömme

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In this paper we propose a multifactor biometric sketch authentication method based on biometric sketch recognition and a user’s personal knowledge about the sketch‘s content, which is negotiated between the biometric authentication system and the user during enrollment. The used sketch recognition algorithm is based on the active shape structural model(More)
This article presents the approach followed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) national ID scheme to register its population for the new smart ID card it launched in 2005. It presents how the organisation reengineered its operations to achieve its strategic objectives. It also presents some of the experienced challenges, and how they were dealt with. Some(More)
This paper presents a conceptual framework for testing the implementation of biometric algorithms within Unix and Windows NT/2000 operating systems' login authentication. To support the analysis and evaluation of biometric algorithms, a data logging module will be used, enabling the collection of quantitative data, e.g. timestamps, biometric raw data,(More)
This paper presents a classification of biometric applications wanted by politics in the shade of the terror attacks of Sep. 11th 2001. Politics in the urgent obligation to protect the health and property of inhabitants is in need to quickly find appropriate methods. Biometrics was one of the general technical methods almost immediately claimed for(More)
To thoroughly prepare the expected start of the European Visa Information System (VIS) in 2011, Germany has implemented and evaluated the biometric visa border control process in a dedicated pilot project. In addition to implementing all necessary software modules for the access to the VIS, the focus of the project was set on the new feature of fingerprint(More)
The regulations of the European Union (EU) Council in 2004 are the basis of the deployment of electronic passports within the EU. Since then EU member states adopt the format and the access protocols to further electronic machine readable travel documents (eMRTD) like national electronic ID cards and electronic residence permits, respectively. The security(More)
The domain of biometrics lacks of a systematical approach for classifying biometric signatures for biometric authentication, detection, and reaction systems. This paper presents a first approach to fill this gap. Outlining the general authentication process and analyzing the meaning of the term signature from selected sciences, a definition of the term(More)