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UNLABELLED Angiogenesis is one of the most important processes for normal lung development. Oxidative stress can impair the pulmonary angiogenesis, leading to chronic lung disease or Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). OBJECTIVE To investigate the protective effects of EC-SOD overexpression on pulmonary angiogenesis on neonates following exposure to acute(More)
In this paper, an accurate implementation of American Sign Language Translator is presented. It is a portable electronic hand glove to be used by any deaf/mute person to communicate effectively with the othesr who don't understand sign language. It provides the visual and audible output on an LCD and through a speaker respectively. This glove consists of(More)
Indoor human detection and localization sensors are at the base of many automation and monitoring systems. This work presents an indoor tagless passive human body identification method. It uses a load-mode capacitive sensor to detect the differences in the conductive and dielectric properties of the human body due to differences in body constituency. The(More)
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