Arshad Chowdhury

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Immunization is one of the major public health interventions to prevent childhood morbidity and death. The Expanded Programme on Immunization has gathered momentum worldwide since 1974. The range of vaccines in the programme is being expanded in the years to come. All across the globe, a high level of vaccination coverage has been reached and now needs to(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the experience of diabetes in British Bangladeshis, since successful management of diabetes requires attention not just to observable behaviour but to the underlying attitudes and belief systems which drive that behaviour. DESIGN Qualitative study of subjects' experience of diabetes using narratives, semi-structured interviews, focus(More)
The wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network (WDM-PON) is considered to be the next evolutionary solution for a simplified and future-proofed access system that can accommodate exponential traffic growth and bandwidth-hungry new applications. WDM-PON mitigates the complicated time-sharing and power budget issues in time-division-multiplexed(More)
The evaluation of tetracycline as a chemoprophylactic agent for cholera is described. Families of cholera patients were divided into 4 groups by strict rotation. The first group received multivitamin preparations and served as the control. The second received 1.0 g of tetracycline, divided into 4 doses, daily for 5 days, the third received 1.0 g of(More)
For immunization to be effective in the long run as a major global disease control intervention it is important to provide good quality vaccination services. Studies carried out in three countries in Asia (Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines) and two countries in Africa (Ethiopia and Malawi), and reported on in this article, document the fact that(More)
| The optical packet-switching network is considered to be one of the most promising solutions for end-to-end delivery of high-bitrate data, video, and voice signals across optical networks of the future. Optical label switching (OLS) technology incurs simpler extraction and processing of the labels so that the optical packets can be routed with low latency(More)
An ultra-low latency, high throughput internet protocol (IP) over wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) packet switching technology for next-generation internet (NGI) applications has been designed and demonstrated. This method overcomes limitations of conventional optical packet switching, which require buffering of packets and synchronization of bits,(More)
The broadband penetration and continuing growth of Internet traffic among residential and business customers are driving the migration of today’s end user’s network access from cable to optical fiber and superbroadband wireless systems The integration of optical and wireless systems operating at much higher carrier frequencies in the millimeter-wave(More)
Delivering affordable high-quality E-health care services requires effective telecommunication and multimedia technologies in conjunction with medical expertise. In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a telecommunication and networking architecture for implementing next generation Telemedicine and Telehealth systems. Our integrated opticalwireless based(More)