Arshad Ali Shahid

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All over the world software industry is facing the threatening failure rate of software projects. The scenario is worst in Pakistan having very immature software industry where projects are mostly over budgeted, over scheduled, and get low customer satisfaction. Organizations are spending a lot on project management training to make their projects(More)
Requirement Prioritization is a very critical but often neglected area of requirement engineering. Experience has shown that without proper prioritization of requirements presented by various stakeholders, the end product usually fails to meet its objectives optimally. In fact in many instances, the product is considered a failure because it fails to meet(More)
Mobile agent technology is a promising paradigm for a myriad of real world applications. Owing to their tremendous capabilities, multiagent systems have been scoped in a large number of applications. However issues related to fault tolerance can hamper the suitability of mobile agents in these real world systems. In this paper we have proposed an(More)
A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a graphical front-end to a software system. A GUI contains graphical objects with certain distinct values which can be used to determine the state of the GUI at any time. Software developing organizations always desire to test the software thoroughly to get maximum confidence about its quality. But this requires gigantic(More)
Graphical user interface (GUI), is a graphical front-end to a software system , contains graphical objects with certain distinct values whose purpose is to ascertain the state of the GUI at any time. In order to ensure that the quality of the software is par excellence, software developing organizations endeavor to test the software meticulously.(More)
Software maintenance is considered one of the most important issues in software engineering which has some serious implications in term of cost and effort. It consumes enormous amount of organization's overall resources. On the other hand, software architecture of an application has considerable effect on quality factors such as maintainability,(More)
Organizations have alfays strived for reduction in delivery time, improved quality, and increased productivity of application development. These goals have assumed more significance keeping in mind tight labor markets and increasing pressure to deliver at a faster and economical rate. This means that realization about importance of mature softfare processes(More)
Graphical User Interface (GUI) includes graphical objects for certain functionalities and features that will determine the state of the GUI at any time. To ensure that software quality is par excellence, software development organizations have made a lot of efforts to test the software with care. However, the process of the examination of a GUI application(More)