Arseny Krupnik

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Based upon the results of several epidemiologic studies, it has been suggested that women who are carriers for a mutation in the ataxia telangiectasia-mutated (ATM) gene are susceptible for the development of breast cancer. Therefore, 37 consecutive breast cancer patients were screened for the presence of a germline ATM mutation using a non-isotopic RNase(More)
It is shown that leukocytes binding endotoxin of gram-negative bacteria via Fe-receptor mediated mechanism can be detected in blood smears after the treatment with antibodies to Re chemotype glycolipid conjugated with horse-radish peroxydase. After pretreatment of blood smears by a solution of endotoxin and then by conjugated antibodies to Re glycolipid(More)
The proportion of misdiagnosis and errors in the treatment of urological diseases holds high, this being particularly true for iatrogenic pathology of the ureter and urinary bladder. The disturbances used to arise in response to traumatic gynecological and proctological surgical interventions and often remained undetected. The traumas are mainly induced by(More)
Alveolar macrophages (AM) represent a lung border system bringing about the protection of the organ from the environmental hazards, regulating cell and humoral response in the lungs, and eliminating endogenous toxic substances. However, in some situations AM are involved in the pathologic processes and even may serve as an initiating factor in the(More)
With the help of immunofluorescent diagnostic system (specific immunoglobulins against glycolipid of S. minnesota Re-595) has been shown to permit the detection of endotoxin into eosinophil. Statistically significant differences in the occurrence of endotoxin in eosinophils of patients and healthy persons have been revealed. These data allow us to suppose(More)
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