Arseny Dolgov

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Long-term, low duty cycle monitoring of patients with a variety of disabilities or health concerns is often required. In this paper, we discuss the design considerations and implementation of an ultra-low power wireless medical sensor platform, suitable for a wide range of medical and sports applications. A hardware demonstration prototype based on readily(More)
Spacecraft power systems and other missioncritical applications require robust power delivery systems. This paper focuses on two aspects of power converter health monitoring: detecting and analyzing loss-related and frequency response-related changes. Two hardware-efficient algorithms are discussed that can be implemented without any additional sensing(More)
This paper discusses harvesting of low-power density incident plane waves for electronic devices in environments where it is difficult or impossible to change batteries and where the exact locations of the energy sources are not known. As the incident power densities vary over time and space, distributed arrays of antennas with optimized power-management(More)
Recent work has shown the feasibility of integrating nonparametric frequency-domain system identification functionality into digital controllers for switched-mode pulse-width modulated (PWM) dc–dc power converters. The resulting discrete-time frequency response can be used for design, diagnostic, or self-tuning purposes. The success of these applications(More)
The paper is concerned with laboratory diagnosis of thyroid function in the endemic focus in Gornaya Shoriya of the Kemerovo region. The diagnostic value of radioimmunoassays was emphasized. The authors proposed a compensation index characterizing the ratio of the thyroid hormones and promoting the diagnosis of subclinical forms of hypothyreosis in the(More)
Digital control is a powerful modern design technique and important research topic in power electronics, and it is useful to have a simple but flexible platform for experimentation and education purposes. It is shown that a very powerful and easy to use system that can be utilized to control a very diverse range of devices can be easily implemented by using(More)
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