Arseniy V. Akopyan

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  • O. L. Mndzhoyan, A. A. Gamburyan, +7 authors A. V. Akopyan
  • 2004
Pharmacological investigations showed that benzylic acid ~-diethylaminoethyl ester hydrochloride, amizyl, has cholinolytic and gangliolytic properties [8]. To study the changes in the cholinolytic action of amizyl, when two bromine atoms are introduced into its acid part at the 4,4'-positions of the phenyl groups, and also on altering the aminoalkanol(More)
Consider a polygon P and all neighboring circles (circles going through three consecutive vertices of P). We say that a neighboring circle is extremal if it is empty (no vertices of P inside) or full (no vertices of P outside). It is well known that for any convex polygon there exist at least two empty and at least two full circles, i.e. at least four(More)
  • G. A. Gevorgyan, S. A. Gabrielyan, +6 authors O. L. Mndzhoyan
  • 2004
Earlier we published an article on the synthesis and biological activity of hydrochlorides of ~-phenyl-flamino-(3fluoro-4-methoxy)propiophenones [5]. As a continuation of these investigations and with the purpose of studying the local anesthetic and antiinflammatory activities, we have prepared by the reaction of a-bromoand(More)