Arsenio Cutolo

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With particular interest on total hip arthroplasty (THA), optimization of orthopedic prostheses is employed in this work to minimize the probability of implant failure or maximize prosthesis reliability. This goal is often identified with the reduction of stress concentrations at the interface between bone and these devices. However, aseptic loosening of(More)
A mechanical analysis of the conductive keratoplasty on hyperopic eyes has been carried out, and the attention has been focused on incorporating the actual viscoelastic properties of the human corneal tissue and on the stress gradients induced by the intervention. By avoiding unnecessary complications which may obscure the essential behaviour of the model,(More)
Synthetic grafts are often satisfactory employed in cardiac and vascular surgery, including expanded poly(ethylene terephthalate) or expanded poly(tetrafluoroethylene). However, accumulating evidences suggest the emergence of worrisome issues concerning the long-term fate of prosthetic grafts as large vessel replacement. Disadvantages related to the use of(More)
Breast Capsular Contracture (BCC) is one of the adverse complications occurring with greater incidence in breast augmentation surgical procedures. Its formation can be interpreted as the conclusive result of the physiological process known as response to a foreign body. From a biochemical standpoint, the formation of the peri-prosthetic capsule is certainly(More)
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