Arsen Kostenko

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The issue of end game database construction is known and well-studied in various specific gaming domains like the Chess and the Checkers. However with arrival of General Game Playing (GGP) challenge the automatic construction of end game databases attracted focus again. The current paper presents the sound and complete algorithm for automated construction(More)
Overall 75 neonates with intrauterine hypotrophy (IH) and 19 healthy children were examined for glucose absorption and utilization according to the glucose tolerance test data. IH neonates were revealed to have and increase of glucose absorption and retardation of its utilization. The high blood glucose concentrations seen 2 hours after the test support(More)
Materials on clinical application in cardiosurgery of Soviet-made apparatus for extracorporeal circulation, models (formula: see text) and (formula: see text) are presented. Modification of these apparatus aimed at securing separate sterilization of its pumping units and setting them in place as a complete aggregate is described. This is achieved by(More)
The influence of bull fathers' pedigree values and the influence of the type of the selection have been studied from the viewpoint of heritability of the selective traits in "father-son-grandfather" generations. The trend of positive influence of inbreeding on bulls' pedigree values has been studied from the viewpoint of milk yield in their daughters.
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